Freelance Writing

Cornell Chronicle
About 10 years ago, I wrote a series of features on different students and faculty at Cornell University for the Cornell Chronicle. It was a great assignment that allowed me to experience a beautiful campus and amazing intellectuals. The first is a link to an article I wrote about one of Cornell’s more prominent students. The other is a sidebar about an aspect of the university’s world famous theater.

Yujin David Chung – start on p. 15
Theatre sidebar


This was a series of articles about the enterprise-wide e-learning endeavors of several large organizations. The articles were more like infomercials and far less objective than usual news articles.

Enterprise E-Learning


PNC Bank


Lessons learned

And here are some more articles I wrote

 PM Network Magazine

PM Network is a magazine for project managers. This is an article on the sales skills necessary for PMs to get their projects approved.


And here is the article on the PM Network Website


About 12 years ago I wrote for a publisher that covered ISO9000 efforts of different organizations. This is a story on one of those efforts in Maine.


ISO 19011 final

elearning Industry

Here is one of my first articles as an instructional designer.


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