Check out my first published article as an eLearning Pro

21 Dec


I started this blog not for a burning desire to enlighten the masses or share my words of wisdom.

I did it for a job. That is, the offer of a job that required experience with WordPress. So I created this blog – instant WordPress experience! I LOVE the internet! Yesterday a bumbling luddite, today, WordPress expert!

And it worked – kind of. I got an interview, but not the job. During that whole process I posted a couple of articles, remembered that I love writing and kept the blog.

But writing your own blog can get a bit boring. After all, when the writer and editor are the same person, there is no second set of eyes to find the flaws or offer improvements. And exposure suffers as my audience was limited to whoever can view my Facebook feed.

So I wrote another article – one more in line with what I do for money, which is in the field of instructional design. And here is is.

How to Handle Broken Links in Online Courses

Let me know what you think!


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